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Medtrip Health Services is a health tourism agency located in Istanbul that provides treatment in advanced dental clinics to patients who prefer Turkey for medical tourism.


We offer professional solutions to our patients in matters such as health tourism, hotel reservation, transfer and translation.


Our understanding of service is to provide all kinds of needs and expectations of our patients under the best conditions without compromising medical and ethical values.


1. The process which is managed by our agency will be in accordance with the patients' prefences.

2. Our health professional who is sufficient in terms of health technology and being scientific can make suggestions and present an opinion.

3. In process directing or managing with relation to the patients,  hospitals/clinics which fulfill the criterias accredited on the subject of health tourism will be preferred firstly and especially. These hospitals should provide assurance with regards to reliability of clinical quality.

4. Detailed and enough information in terms of service groups that are provided by hospitals should be shared.

5. Hospitals / clinics which are directed from our agencies have department of health tourism and translator staffing

6. The information about pricing policy is announced to the patients to show that the reasonable cost estimate and treatment plan are made.

7. Medical information and patient's data that are taken and evaluated by hospital is reported to the patient.

8. Information and process transparency is ensured without neglecting data security.

9. The patient is  informed about all alternatives that the physician suggests in advance.

10. An approval is  received from the patients about agreed treatment plan.

11. Patient is  informed about rehabilitation programmes, if it would be a case.

12. Whole process which is consisted of welcoming, accomodation, transfers and other services is  well coordinated.

13. Necessary documents are  transmitted to the patient and the insorance instituation if there is any, after all process.

14. Patient privacy is protected




Our partners provide services at international standards using state-of-the-art technology in dentistry.


They have widespread service networks throughout Turkey with nearly 30 branches together with the 55 dentists and 300 staffs.




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