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Health tourism means traveling to another country from their place of residence for the purpose of protecting and improving health or treating diseases.
According to the data of the World Health Organization, around 40 million people are expected to travel to a country other than their residence for health care in 2021.

Considering the advanced technology it has reached in health and the number of beds, geographical location, cost advantage, being a tourism country and the quality of service in health, Turkey is in the position of rising value in health tourism in the world.

With an affordable price advantage of up to 50% compared to Europe, the USA and other countries, thermal underground resources in the first place in the world,

a young and dynamic population compared to the rapidly increasing elderly population in the world, and in addition to all these, traditional Turkish hospitality, Turkey is also in the field of health tourism in the world has taken its place.

Istanbul, the cultural and financial capital of Turkey, is also one of the best place for the country's health tourism. While patients  take the advantages to have best treatments provided by high-tech hospitals and healthcare clinics, they can discover the beauties of this historical city.

Istanbul, which has more than 200 private hospitals, is still considered as Europe's Largest Health Tourism Destination.

Advantages of Turkey in health tourism;
1. Close flight distance
2. Low treatment costs
3. Qualified personnel
4. Quality service
5. Modern medical technology
6. No waiting time
7. Sociocultural similarity
8. Variety of accompanying tourist activities

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