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Aesthetic & Prosthetic Dentistry

With a few highly professional touches made by aesthetic and prosthetic dentists, you can smile much better. This method is known as aesthetic smile design or smile aesthetics, and improves oral and maxillofacial health.

Every patient's needs and demands differ in their smiles design, which is divided into pink aesthetics and white aesthetics.


Kadın beyaz dişlek gülümseme

The following various treatment methods are used in white aesthetic treatment:
Porcelain Laminates, Porcelain Crowns, Prostheses over Implants, Moving Prostheses, Various Fillings, Tooth Bleaching

Pink aesthetic gums, also known as gum aesthetics, are a form of smiling design that is performed without pain or bleeding by intervening with laser.
Treatment for Crown Lengthening,   Regenerative Treatment, Gingivectomy Treatment, Gingivoplasty


Dental Implant Treatments

Dental implant is the procedure of replacing the missing tooth with titanium-material screws for the patients who have a lack of tooth for any reason to protect the jaw bone.


The task of these titanium screws is to act like a tooth root, thereby restoring the natural balance of the dental structure and to support the existing teeth.


The dental department where irregularities and misalignment in the order and location of teeth are diagnosed, controlled and treated is orthodontics.

Thanks to orthodontic treatments, the quality of life of many people is improving.

Parantez Gülümseme


Unlike commonly seen braces, lingual braces (invisible dental braces) are not placed in front of the teeth but on the back, i.e., palate and tongue section. They are particularly useful for patients with aesthetic concerns

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

When it comes to oral and maxillofacial surgery, you may think of procedures such as impacted tooth or tooth extraction, but in fact the surgical procedures performed by dentists are much more diverse. We we can help.



After the specialist consultancy  and your approval, we plan every details of your treatment and trip together with you. Your comfort is important for us.



Upon your arrival to Istanbul, our staff will pick you up at the airport, he will be responsible of your transportation between the airport, hotel and the hospital.

Otel Yatak Odası Girişi


Your stay is pre-booked!
The comfort you will need during your treatment is at your service free of charge. We will host you in the best accommodation facilities in the region.

Yardım Desteği


At the best preparation of your documents, our staff will accompany you and help for the translations.



1- Application

You fill our contact form or reach us through WhatsApp Line instantly and send your contact details.

We send you a patient form to be filled by yourself.  Summary of your dental problems, a recent x-ray and / or several well-lit photos of your teeth and gums are shared via email or Whatsapp

2- Specialist consultation  

Status of your dental health is evaluated and a treatment plan is shared together with the estimated price.

3- Approval and Hotal Reservation

After your approval, you will be contacted to discuss your accommodation needs and requests.

4- Airport Welcome and Free Transfer

You are welcomed by our team at the airport on the scheduled day and time. Transfers between airport - hotel - clinic are handled free of charge according to the treatment plan. General informations about the hotel and region are shared.

5- First Class Treatment

Your treatment and medical processes are executed at our partners' health centers on time as planned. You have the most modern treatment by having in International standards in equipments, patient comfort and hygien

6- Accompany and Translation Support

While providing the best treatments and services, we are by your side throughout your treatment

7- Post Treatment Follow-up

After our patient returns to her country after treatment, we monitor her health status and, if necessary, organize a consultation with the treating doctor.

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